Details about sharks that will shock you

The thirty fourth official Shark Week takes place from July 24 to July 30 on the Discovery Channel and goals to extend dialog and training about these historical marine predators which might be key to the well being of the ocean. (Discovery Channel and CNN share mum or dad firm Warner Bros. Discovery.)
There are greater than 500 species of shark. They’re as various because the dwarf lantern shark, which is smaller than a human hand, and the whale shark, which may develop so long as a faculty bus, mentioned marine biologist Michael Heithaus, professor and dean of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences & Training at Florida Worldwide College in Miami.
On condition that there are a lot of distinctive species, some traits could also be true for one species, however not one other.
Sharks have been round for a whole lot of hundreds of thousands of years, and whereas they proceed to evolve, they’re additionally in grave hazard. Largely as a result of overfishing, shark and ray populations fell by 71.1% between 1970 and 2018, in keeping with a 2021 examine printed within the journal Nature.

Sharks have one of many longest life spans in contrast with different animals.

Greenland sharks are the longest-living recognized vertebrate on Earth, in keeping with a 2016 examine printed within the journal Science. Researchers utilizing radiocarbon relationship decided that the North Atlantic species doubtless lives a mean of at the least 272 years, and infrequently does not attain maturity till 150 years of age.

Greenland sharks can dwell for at the least 400 years, scientists have estimated.

Sharks are older than timber and dinosaurs

The earliest proof of shark fossils dates again so far as 450 million years, which suggests these creatures have been round at the least 90 million years earlier than timber and 190 million years earlier than dinosaurs.
Sharks have been round since earlier than Pangea broke aside, mentioned Catherine Macdonald, director of Subject Faculty and lecturer on the College of Miami’s Rosenstiel Faculty of Marine and Atmospheric Science. (There was one single gigantic continent known as Pangea some 250 million years in the past.)

Moreover, sharks have survived 5 mass extinctions, one in every of which worn out round 96% of all marine life.

Sharks could also be useful for our surroundings

Tiger sharks, one in every of Australia’s main predators, could assist ecosystems reply to excessive local weather occasions. The species’ prey, together with inexperienced turtles, seabirds and stingrays, keep away from shallow water, typically areas with seagrass. Consequently, the seagrass is ready to develop to be bushlike and create a safe-haven nursery space for juvenile fish, shrimp and crabs, Heithaus mentioned.

Seagrass absorbs the carbon that’s within the ambiance and makes use of it to construct its physique. When the seagrass dies, the lifeless materials will get buried in sediment on the ocean ground, and the carbon is taken out of circulation, Heithaus added.

Researchers are at the moment attempting to find out whether or not this phenomenon happens for different shark species and in different places corresponding to coral reefs.

“It looks like it is extra than simply tiger sharks,” Heithaus mentioned. “It is in all probability these larger species that play an outsized function in serving to form the ecosystems they’re part of.”

Shark pregnancies can last more than 3 years

On common, sharks give start after 11 or 12 months of being pregnant, however some sharks, such because the frilled shark and basking shark might be pregnant for over three years.
Some sharks, like mako sharks and bull sharks, give dwell start, whereas different sharks, like cat sharks, lay eggs, mentioned Jasmin Graham, president and CEO of Minorities in Shark Sciences, primarily based in Bradenton, Florida.
Lengthy being pregnant phrases, and the truth that some sharks take 10 to 12 years to achieve sexual maturity, just like the nice white, additional impression populations decimated by unsustainable fishing practices.

Sharks don’t vocalize

Sharks are primarily silent creatures, as they do not have organs for producing sound.

As an alternative of talking, sharks talk by means of physique language, corresponding to zigzagging, shaking and shifting their jaws.

Sharks can sense electrical energy

Sharks have a sixth sense — they’ll decide up nanoscopic electromagnetic currents. This further sense might help them navigate the ocean and discover prey, or perhaps a mate.

“The minute electrical impulse {that a} prey’s mind sends to its coronary heart to inform it to beat is detectable to sharks, to allow them to discover hidden prey fairly successfully,” Macdonald mentioned.

With this finely attuned sense, sharks hunt sick and weak animals, taking part in an important function in protecting the marine ecosystem wholesome.

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